Booking & reservation conditions:

After you’ve fixed the date /dates, please send us the reservation fee (in the amount given you in our e-mail) to the following bank account:

28 1050 1474 1000 0012 0021 0365

IBAN: PL 28 1050 1474 1000 0012 0021 0365


Bank name & address: ING Bank Śląski O/Zakopane,

ul. Piaseckiego 28,

34-500 Zakopane / Poland


Owner’s name & address:

Biuro Przewodnickie K2,

Piotr Konopka

Os.Pardałówka 3/8

34-501 Zakopane


Att.: The customer does cover the transfer expenses.

Please send the information by e-mail that the transfer has been done.

Please keep in mind that you might have additional expenses, eg.: mountain huts, transportation, etc.

The customer does cover those expenses also for the guide.

Reduced rates are offered to the permanent customers (10 excursions each year, or more).

Please fix the date / dates of your excursion first, preferably by e-mail.