GERLACH (2663 m; 2655 m; 2654 m)


A very popular excursion to the highest peak of the Tatras & Carpathian Mountains.


Gerlach seen from the E side

MNICH (2070 m; 2068 m)

MNICH (MONK) is one of the most popular climbing towers in the Tatras.

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Mnich in the autumn colors

WYSOKA (2560 m)

One of the most beautiful peaks in the Tatras.

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ŁOMNICA (2634 m; 2632 m)

Excursion  to the second highest & one of the most famous peaks in the Tatras.


Lomnica seen from the way to Lodowy.

KIEŻMARSKI (2558 m; 2556 m)

Excursion to the very historical and one of the highest peaks in the Tatras.

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LODOWY (2630 m; 2628 m; 2627 m)

Excursion to the third highest peak in the Tatras.

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Probably one of the most interesting and the most difficult mountain in Poland

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On the ridge near the top.

DURNY (2625 m; 2623 m)

The fourth highest Tatra peak.

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