My name is Piotr Konopka

Since early 1980 I'm continiously climbing in the Tatras, Alps, Caucasus, Andes, Rocky Mountains, Yosemite, Scottland, Himalayas and other mountains.

Most of my climbs I’ve done obviously in the Tatras. Besides several hundreds of the casual climbs, new routes & some first winter ascents there, I’ve also climbed in other countries on 4 continents. To some of my best climbs belong probably: 2-day ascent of the SOUTH FACE of ACONCAGUA (6959 m), WINTER ASCENT of the GRAND PILIER D’ANGLE on MONT BLANC and partly new route / new variation on CHO – OYU (8201 m , alone the last part to the summit).

In Caucasus I’ve climbed e.g. the North Face of the SCHTSCHUROWSKI PEAK(4259 m) via right Abalakov Route, the E. Face of the FREE SPAIN PEAK (4200 m) via Kolomycev Route, the N.-E. Face of the NAKRA TAU (4277 m) via Italian Couloir, the E. Face of the DONGUZ-ORUN EAST (4442 m) via the E.Pillar. I’ve been also on USCHBA NORTH (4697 m) via the„Pillow”, twice on ELBRUS EAST (5621 m) and once on ELBRUS WEST (5642 m); I did also ski-descent from the ELBRUS EAST (5621 m). In BEZENGI I've been as the guide on UKJU PEAK (4334 m), on PANORAMNYJ PEAK (4223 m) and SKALNYJ PEAK (4385 m).

In the Alps I’ve climbed eg. the E. Face of the WATZMANN, the W. Face of the OBERREINTAL TURM via Brych-Führe, the N. Face of the OBERREINTAL DOM via Brandler-Führe, the N. Face of the AIG. DU MIDI (two winter ascents), the E. Face of the MONT BLANC DU TACUL via Couloir Gabarrou-Albinoni (winter ascent), the N.-W. Face of the AIG. VERTE via Couloir Coutourier (winter ascent), BRECHE DE PRE DE BAR via Kollop Couloir (winter ascent), AIG. DU CHARDONNET via Couloir Escarra (winter ascent) and –also in winter – GRAND PILIER D’ANGLE on the MONT BLANC, via the Boivin-Vallencant Route.

In the Rocky Mountains I’ve climbed e.g. the East Face of the LONGS PEAK (4345 m) through „The Diamond” (via „North Chimney” + „Casual Route”), South Face of the PETIT GREPON (3691 m) via „S. Face Route”, North Face of the HALLET PEAK (3877 m) via the „Culp-Bossier” Route, the GRAND TETON (4197 m) via „Exum Direct”, the MIDDLE TETON (3903 m) via „North Ridge, the VESTAL PEAK (4229 m) via the „Wham Ridge”, the JAGGED MTN (4216 m) & others.

In Yosemite (1989) I’ve done e.g. the East Buttress of EL CAPITAN, the MIDDLE CATHEDRAL ROCK via „Central Pillar of Frenzy”, the COOKIE CLIFF via „Wheat Thin” & several others shorter climbs.

In Scottland (1992) I’ve climbed on the North Face of BEN NEVIS, doing „Observatory Buttress” and „Point Five Gully” in winter.

In the Andes (1987) I went in 13 hours & 15' from the Base Camp (4200 m) to the summit of ACONCAGUA (6959 m) and back to the Base Camp (4200 m). Afterwards I’ve climbed in just two days (23 ½ hrs) the SOUTH FACE of ACONCAGUA via the „French Route" (with Messner Variation at the very end), after attempting of a new route in the south face.

In the Himalayas I did partly new route on CHO – OYU (8201 m, soloing the last part to the summit). On the South Face of LHOTSE (8511 m) I climbed up to 8000 m, when attempting the first ascent through this face in 1987. I took also part in the Expedition to the North Face of NILGIRI NORTH (7061 m), during an attempt of the first ascent on this face (1985). On NANGA PARBAT (8125 m) I’ve tried twice to do the first winter ascent, climbing first the Rupal Face (1988/1989) via the „Messner Route” up to c.a. 6800 m and the Diamir Face (1997/98) via „Kinshofer Route” up to c.a. 6700 m.

I’ve done also several other climbs in small & famous climbing areas as eg. Paklenica / Anica Kuk, Frankenjura, Boulder Canyon, Eldorado Canyon & others.

I do follow the polish tradition of the mountain extreme skiing, doing several new extreme ski descents in the Tatras.

4-times I did participate in the famous ski-mountaineering-competitions PIERRA MENTA. I took also part in the ski-and climbing- championships of the IFMGA (three times beeing on the 3-rd position in ski & climbing combination.).

I’ve been succesfully working on the membership of the Polish Mountain Guides Association / PSPW / in the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations / IFMGA /. For over 10 years I’ve been the president of the Polish Mountain Guides Association.

1989-1990 I did work for the Colorado Outward Bound School in USA.

Since 1989 till 2009 I've been working as professional mountain guide, mostly in the Tatras & the Alps.

Since 2009 I'm employed in the Tatra Mountain Rescue Service (TOPR).

I still continue my job as the mountain guide, too.